I just beat Apollo Justice

And it was awesome. It think it may be the best built of the Ace Attorney games, and easily the prettiest. I didn’t realize just HOW much they improved the graphics until Case 4, which is now my 2nd most favorite case ever (the 1sy would be the last case in Trials and Tribulations). You can tell just how good one of these games are by the last actual case the game has, and AJ does not disappoint. It throws a lot of curves gameplay-wise that I wasn’t expecting, but they are all welcome and it leads up to possibly I think the game series’ best examples of storytelling, possibly one of the best examples of storytelling in games period. At first I wasn’t sure if I wanted to play as this Apollo guy, but now that I finsihed it I like him a lot, and disocvered that by playing as him I get to see Phoenix Wright as the true badass he has become.
And boy, he has become a badass. Like, I’m talking about on the level of Solid Snake here.

Then again, they pulled a similar stunt in MGS2 where you played as Raiden instead of Snake so you could really appreciate Snake too.