The Write Stuff

Sometimes I like stuff. Sometimes, I also blog about liking stuff. Here’s that stuff.

For a short time I was gifted with the chance to work some amazing folks in Animefringe, which was possibly the best anime/manga/weeaboo webzine EVER. Why they let me in I have no clue, they even once let me do a mailbag which was something I always wanted a crack since the reading GamePlayers. Sadly after my third month there I became really ill, missed my deadline and was so embarrassed I never logged back on there ever again. But for those three months it was amazing. They closed down shop at the end of 2005, but you should really go and read the archives, it’s totally great. But since this all about me, I’ve linked the stuff I wrote below.

April 2004:

May 2004:

June 2004:

Before there was OddType, there was The Phat Bishounen. Behold, this is the era where I actually wrote stuff!

April 2002:

May 2002:

December 2003:

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Anime