Chrno Crusade aka “Nunsing” aka “WTH?”

Well, Gonzo has done it again. I just finished watching the first episode of Chrno Crusade (actual title) and it’s weird. Chrno Crusade’s like what if you had Hellsing, but with a cute nun instead of Dracula in a pimp hat. Apparently, that pimp hat went a long way. Because I’m just not buying what Chrno Crusade is showing me.

The acting’s good. The music is good. The directing is decent. Heck even the animation is good and it’s Gonzo. (I typically dislike Gonzo overall as an animation company*.) But the all the stupid story is “Let’s throw as many clichés as we possibly can and pray that they stick.” Well let me tell you. They don’t. Let’s break four of the main characters:

  • Rosette Christopher: 16-year old clumsy yet kawaii nun that blows stuff up. She also apparently isn’t very religious, but is a nun anyway.
  • Chrno: “Oh Rosette you so silly!” Ancient demon of evil who’s a nice if naive boy.
  • Kate Valentine: “I am angry big nun that yells a lot. Don’t I act a lot like Integral from Hellsing?”
  • The Elder: “A am an old man that lives in a church, making weapons of destruction and trying grab as many boobs as possible, is that so wrong?”

Stunning examples of great characterization, eh? The plot is just as thrilling. There are demons, and the demons are evil and do really bad things like kill people and drink their blood. And there is this organization of nuns that are responsible for killing the demons. The show features a busty blonde that shoots guns and has a powerful demon that helps her. No, we have never seen this plot before. Ever. And esspecially not from Gonzo.

Now mind you, because of same problems that the anime shows (and the main character is a cute nun with guns), this anime is going to be a big hit. For one thing, tons of people thought this was the supposed sequel to Chrono Trigger/Cross. (It’s not in any way shape or form, we are at least that lucky.) So you are going to have people looking into the show for that. Secondly, the masses like generic characters and clichés. It’s easy to digest so they don’t have to think much. Besides it’s Gonzo and everyone loves Gonzo. They did Hellsing and Final Fantasy Unlimited! Can they do wrong, I think not!

But mostly, it’s Nuns with Guns and it’s gearing up to be the next big thing since maid shows. Heck it’s even has at least 20 groups fansub just the first episode. Including in French and Thai.

Thank you Japan.