The True Terror of Ragnarock

The True Terror of Ragnarock

I’m sorry to interrupt your usual internet browsing, but I’m here to tell you about something REALLY important. Something that everyone, young and old, well and ill, good and evil, need to know. Something about a danger so pronounced, and yet so subdued that most of nation does not yet know that we are within it’s wake. No, I’m not talking about SARS, or the new Dungeons and Dragons movie that’s been green lighted. No, I speak of something far worse. Yes, that’s right.

Peco-Peco attacks.


They hunt in packs!

Now, you may not know much about the insidiously-evil creatures that are Peco-Pecos. They aren’t common (not yet anyway). They’re currently only known to breed with Ragnarock Online (a Massively Multi-player Online RPG), though rumors of genetic engineering have surfaced in the in underground Peco-Peco black market. Regardless, these monsters have been designed with one purpose in mind: TO DESTROY ALL OF HUMANITY. Oh sure, they may look cute and cuddly like Chocobos, but on further examination you can see the cruel and devious differences. The ravaging curled beak, the beady little black pupils of death, the crooked feet of despair, oh it’s all there. All the better to KILL you with. Don’t believe me?

A frightening visage...

Here we see one of them sauntering about, all by it’s lonesome, with a Boa further down below. However, unlike the Boa which are solitary creatures and can be dealt with, Peco-Pecos are pack animals by nature, working together so that they may better slaughter you. But then you may ask… why is there just one? The answer is easily answered my friend. For you see these fowl birds and as cunning as the are evil. Or the rest of this creature’s pack lies in wait off-screen, waiting for a foolish human to attack it, signaling the rest to swoop in for the kill.



Here we see someone who thought they had caught a lone wary Peco-Peco all alone, and is now paying the price.The others have started to move in on-screen and are now devouring their prey live…

Well, I do

Until they are dead. Soon they will consume the poor dead sack of flesh on the spot, however I did not take shots of this. If you truely want to watch something that gruesome, I suggest watching End of Eva. Peco-Pecos do.

As you can see these creatures are a threat to all humanity, and should not be taken lightly. If you see one, and eventually you will, leave it alone. They normally do not attack unless provoked, which does give you the edge in survival. I suggest you use it while you can. Because you never know when they’ll get tired of waiting.


I have no clue who that Lord Syno guy is.

(Basil is a humor anime columnist and has been part of Preservation of People to Not be Slaughtered Horribly by Peco-Pecos. (PPNSHPP)