I can has a podcast?

I can has a podcast?

So it’s finally here. Since last year, I’ve been really wanting to do a podcast, and hoodwinked several friends into helping me making this happen.  This project actually started around 2 years ago as a blog that Eric and I were going to co-write called the OSMblog. It was essentially a blog where we would talk about whatever we thought was awesome at the time. And we figured while we were at it we would do a podcast to go along with the blog, and call it the OSMcast. So I bought the domain, and installed some blogging software, and…

We never bothered to actually use it. Eventually I said screw it and killed the site. But the urge to blog and podcast was still there. The blog idea sorta morphed into it’s own thing that you see here (which is still barely ever updated), but I figured that since the CHOCOGAZcast was kinda a silly name, the OSMcast project needed to be revived. Fastword to now and here we are.

And this time we’ve actually recorded a few shows! Just getting a chance to edit them has been crazy. BUT! The first editable podcast is now up!* It’s about Rock Band! Please listen to it! The RSS feed works and everything! Tell us about your thoughts on it! We know that I’m way louder then everyone else (I was closest to the microphone) and man don’t I sound like such a dork at times? But know really, tell us what you think! If you have any ideas or suggestions, let us know! We want this podcast to be as awesome as the name! You can post here, or in the LJ post, or even email us at osmcast@JUNKTHECAPSgmail.com. I’m not picky.

*Our first recorded podcast was about Kekkaishi, but it’s so jumbled and misrecorded I fear that it will never see the light of day. Of course, that may not be such a bad thing…

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