Lost Odyssey’s Lost Cause

Lost Odyssey’s Lost Cause

Okay, so there’s this game. It’s called Lost Odyssey. It’s by Hironobu Sakaguchi (the guy that created Final Fanatsy and directed/produced 1-10 of the series), and is pretty much the game everyone thought Final Fantasy 11 should have been, only on the Xbox 360. It’s pretty cool.

Its looking down on me...

Until today. You see, there I was, against the final boss. You know it’s the final boss because it’s kinda got that wing-thing going on and is backed up by some Uematsu-written crazy awesome chant-rock music stuff. And like a lot of big bads in RPGs, it has an Insta-Death spell, in this case called simply “Death.” It’s not that big a deal, I’m loaded with reviving stuff. Excepet when he did it today, after playing for three hours straight and haven’t had the chance to save for the last 30 minutes of it or so… He casts it and the game freezes as the charcter hits the ground.  

Yeah. Me not so happy about that. And I know it’s the game, not the system. It didn’t red ring or anything, just your classic freeze. So, I turned off the game and will beat it another day. Fable 2 comes out tonight (my store is doing a midnight launch) and I’m going to try out Tales of Vesperia soon as well. I want to clear my plaette before tackling the ending one more time. 

It’s a good game and all though. If you have  a360 and like J-RPGs I highly recommend it. Just you know, beware those Insta-Death spells… You  never know where they are actually going to hit.

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