When Cabbits Attack!

Everyone has various opinions about cute animal mascots in anime, from “Eeeeeee!!! WAI WAI!” to “Ewwwwwwwww” to “Dear Lord get that Ebichu away from me!!!” … okay that one’s just me (but then again, would you want any help from that? I thought not.). However, while I’m one of the biggest fans of cute anime mascots, I know that for every lovable creature, there is a demon lurking inside, waiting for that fateful day to spring free. And some mascots are more prone towards evil than others.

But there is one cute anime mascot that is evil 24/7, and I’m not talking about my chibi-cthulhu plushie either. Nope, I’m talking about cabbits, and their spokes-cabbit Ryo-oh-ki. But don’t worry my friends, I also have proof, visual evidence to support my claim!

Exhibit A:

Here we have three cabbits coming in from whatever hell dimension cabbits come from. Rumors are Carl Macek’s backyard, however this has yet to be confirmed.

Exhibit B:

This is a pretty cut a dry before and after shots of Ryo-oh-ki killing Tenchi and feasting upon his flesh. Note the contented and happy, yet zombie-like guise upon Ryo-oh-ki’s smug and bloody face.

Exhibit C:.

Ah, a lovely scene of a cabbit enjoying their favorite food, human soul carrots!!! And if THIS wasn’t enough…

Exhibit D:


(Basil is a humor anime columnist as well as a renowned plushie whore, who would have a house filled with cute animal mascots and an elite army of trained killer cabbits if he wasn’t broke all the time. Also, special props out to Neil who helped me at least get something almost readable for tonight!)