Basil (and friends) Have Panels! MomoCon 2024

Basil (and friends) Have Panels! MomoCon 2024

Oh, hello Internet! I should really be updating this website more often, huh. Well anyway I am gonna be in Atlanta, Georgia this weekend for MomoCon. It’s a weird time this year, as it’s a Friday thru Monday con instead of Thursday thru Sunday. Yay for event contracts! But what is more wild than weird is that this year I’m also doing at least 6 panels! Actually, I’m guesting on one of Tobias’s so really, I’ll be on 7 panels. But I am running 6. Here’s what they are:

Finding Anime & Manga Online, Legally! (Friday 5/24 at 8:30PM in Panels 404)

Oh boy! We’re kicking it off with a classic. The only thing… although the format always stays the same… the content can change wildly. For example, last time I ran this panel… FUNimation still existed! Now it doesn’t. Also, Netflix used to be cheaper. The again, I think every time I run this panel Netflix used to be cheaper.

The Pain Train! Video Clipshow Madness (Friday 5/24 at 11:30PM in Panel Room B206)

Once upon a time, there was Anime Hell. OK, there is still Anime Hell. It’s a very much alive and active event at anime cons around the nation! But the Pain Train is my personal take on the stupid video clip show panel format. It’s got your dumb videos, your goofy clips of Hard Gay, weird anime and video game bits, all that good stuff. It’s a fun time, where anything and everything goes. Except the Golden Girls doing cocaine. I was told that was too much.

The Life and Times of Akira Toriyama (Saturday 5/25 at 2:30PM in the Thomas Murphy Ballroom TM4)

This one was a very last-minute addition to the panel line up. Due to the sudden and saddening passing of Akira Toriyama, I knew that someone needed to do a retrospective. So, I guess that someone is actually me! Dr Slump, Dragon Ball, Sand Land, Chrono Trigger… Yeah we’ll be talking about how was one of the most influential mangaka that has ever been.

The Final Fantasy XIV Fan Panel-stival! (Sunday 5/26 at 4:00PM in Panels 406)

Another classic! My love for this MMO I hope is pretty well trodden ground at this point. Why, did you know I even have a podcast all about it? No? Well now you do! And now you know I also have a panel about it, too! It’s a look back at all the expansions that came before, and also a look ahead at the new one called Dawntrail! But not Dawn Treader. That’s a different thing.

OSMCAST LIVE! The Great Final Fantasy Ranking (Sunday 5/26 at 5:30PM in Panels 406)

And right AFTER the Final Fantasy XIV panel… Is another Final Fantasy panel! Same place! Back to back! It’s an OSMcast Live, where we’ll be ranking all the video games in an order to determine which ones rule… and which ones rule slightly less. It’s gonna be a good time.

Now THAT’S What I Call Cooking Anime! (Sunday 5/26 at 8:30PM in Panel Room B312/313a)

The theme for Momocon this year is food and cooking, so I wanted a panel all about that. And also, anime. Luckly for me, there are plenty of anime all about cooking! Even some that aren’t, but adjacent enough that I can talk about them anyway. So come on down and see what anime is brewing. Or cooking. Marinating? One of these things.

So there’s my panels. And if you need a handy graphic that shows them all in one image, well hey! I have one right here for you.

But wait, there’s more!?

BONUS! There are other panels too, just not by me!

They are done by my buddy podcast cohost, Tobias! And one of them, he’s even letting me guest on. That one is called Exploring Anime Advertising, which is on Saturday at 7:00PM in Panels 407. And Anna is also guesting for his The Music of Final Fantasy XIV, which is on Sunday at 8:30PM in Panels 402. It’s during the Now THAT’S What I Call Cooking Anime! Panel, so if you want to go their instead I’m not going to mind. I kinda wish I was there, too!


Dylan’s got games he’s running too! And here they are:

And that’s it for MomoCon 2024! Although can you believe that there are other things going on at the same time? It’s true! As it turns out, it’s a pretty darn big con.

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