Basil has panels! Kami-Con HAI 2023

Basil has panels! Kami-Con HAI 2023

So once upon a time, there was an anime con called Hamacon. It was local to Huntsville, AL and it as the very best. Just the absolute best. It ruled. But it ruled so hard, it was only allowed to exist for ten years. (Or maybe some of the con organizers has extreme burn out.) But now that Hamacon is gone, it has left an enormous gaping anime con-sized hole that has been attempted to be filled for the past couple of years. So folks over at Kami-Con (who started out in Tuscaloosa but now have their home con in sunny, sooty Birmingham) have decided to spread their wings and give Huntsville a go.

And they are giving a pretty solid effort! They booked the same space (which I mean it’s the Von Braun Center which is the only game in town for a remotely decent sized con in Huntsville), they booked a lot of cool voice actors, game tournaments, anime viewing room, all the bells and whistles you’d want for a con that isn’t just a glorified Dealer’s Room and a bunch of autographs to buy. And they have both a Main Events room and gosh darn panel room, too! Which is where I come in. Because I liked to run panels. So without further ado, here are my panels for Kami-Con HAI in 2023:

The Pain Train: Video Clipshow Madness (9/29/2023 aka Friday, at 10PM in the Panel Room)

There once was a man named David Merrill, who was King of the Stupid Clip Shows! He had fame, power, and wealth Japanese cartoons, short films, weird coommercials, and other goofy clips beyond your wildest dreams! Before they hung him from the gallows (he’s fine), these were the final words he said (that I made up: “My fortune is yours for the taking, but you’ll have to find it first. Also, if you run your own stupid clip show don’t call it Anime Hell.”

So, I did and it’s called The Pain Train. It was there all ten years of Hamacon, and you can even see it at Momocon and other cons too sometimes. This time you can find it at Kami-Con HAI Friday night, just like when Hamacon always had it! It’s that nice and nostalgic? Anyway, you kids better show up I miss you folks.

This is a Panel About Blackjack! (9/30/2023 aka Saturday, at 10PM in the Panel Room)

Yep. It’s just what it says on the label. It’s a panel. About Blackjack. Now you may ask, and quite a few folks have actually, whether it’s about the card game… or the dark doctor from Osamu Tezuka? And the answer is: Yes. It’s a fun time. It’s also counter-programed with an idol panel? I don’t get that. This is the same audience here.

Now THAT’s What I Call Sports Anime! Part 1: The Classics (10/1/2023 aka Sunday, at 1PM) AND Now THAT’s What I Call Sports Anime! Part 2: Today’s Hits (at 2PM in the Panel Room)

So once upon a time, I had a panel called “Sports Anime Through the Decades.” But sports anime keeps happening and at this point there are too many decades filled with sports anime to fit into an hour. So now there are two panels. Only they booked them back-to-back, so really it’s just one panel… But two hours. Lots of sports anime we can fit into there! Also, once again I am double booked against idols? Don’t they know that this time it’s pretty much the same genre? You know, if you squint. Or watch Pride of Orange. Or uh… Don’t. And just come to this panel instead. You’ll get the important parts.

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