Rock Band Supplemental 11-20-2007

Rock Band Supplemental 11-20-2007

9:00 PM. Wow Barry can’t sing. Will update later. – Basil

9:04 PM. It’s fun watching Eric twitch trying to activate Star power. – Basil

9:25 PM. Jesus. Barry really can’t sing. – Eric

9:27 PM. Starting our own band. Still not King. – Eric

9:51 PM. Barry is about to try and sing again. Let’s see how this develops… – Basil

10:05 PM. OH GOD THE PAIN – Eric

10:24 PM. WE GOT A VAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -Basil

10:29 PM. Singing is my favorite part of the game…and I’m not bad at it (game wise) but God do I feel bad for those around me – Eric.

10:35 PM. I concur with the feeling bad for being around him. ^_- -Basil.

11:56PM. Well we played till around 11-11:15, then I have had to come back home. In conclusion: Barry hates the mic, likes the guitar. Eric and Susie love the mic, are ambivalent on the guitar. I like the mic, would rather ignore guitar. We all love the drums but none of us where uber great at them. -Basil

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