War has changed…

War has changed…

So I just beat Metal Gear Solid 4.

It made my soul happy.

I should probably give the PS3 back, even though part of me wants to play through MGS4 all over again at a harder difficulty. But Lost Odyssey and Persona 3: FES need to be finished off as well. And who knows what other games will be coming out that I need to play as well. Giving the PS3 back is really for the best.

But anyway MGS4 was really good. At least if you are a fan of MGS. And if you aren’t I’m not sure how you exist. Though I imagine you find your way through life somehow. However if you own a PS3 and not a 360 and don’t own this game… I’m not sure why you own the aforementioned PS3. Well.. OK. Mike is understandable. His reason for owning a PS3 was so I could play MGS4, even if he didn’t know it at the time. If it helps neither did I! It just worked out that way.

So, in the end: Metal Gear Solid 4 was a lot of fun. Will do business again, once I get an HD set and own my own PS3.

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