The Carbuncle Chronicle Issue 11: Unearthing the Buried Memories of the 6.2x Patches

The Carbuncle Chronicle Issue 11: Unearthing the Buried Memories of the 6.2x Patches

Hello Adventurers! We’ve got a whole new Issue for you that’s cram packed with things we’ve been up for the past few months, the latest patch content from the 6.2x series: Buried Memory! Not only that, but we are joined by our special guest Andrew from the Third Impact Anime podcast. And don’t worry folks, we asked him all the hard-hitting questions.

Things like… What are we looking forward to the upcoming Patch 6.3! New tribe quest? (Yes yes! Wait, wrong tribe…) Housing? (More plots? MORE PLOTS!) Also, other more important things like… Does Tobias know La-hee? Just how many Eurekas are there, anyway? Then we get into the meat of the Patch 6.2x series, and adjacent topics. New Hildys! Fat Cat Hoodies! Island Sanctuary! Nihilism defeating soup!? Why shirts should not have belts attached to them, and so much more. So much latest patch series chitchat, you’ll just… Scream! Ahem…

Spoiler Levels: EXTREMELY HIGH. We are talking about all the things that have happened up till Patch 6.25, so you’ll want to be current up to the point that we have released this episode if you wanna listen. Or get spoiled, I guess! The choice is up to you.

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