The Carbuncle Chronicle Issue 12: The Eorzean Seasonal Event Primer

The Carbuncle Chronicle Issue 12: The Eorzean Seasonal Event Primer

Hello Adventurers! As we leave the Year of Our Yoshi-p 2022 and enter into 2023, now is the perfect time to dig into some seasonal events! Final Fantasy XIV is packed with them throughout the year, and we are chatting about them all. Yes, even Hatching-tide! From Heavensturn to Starlight Celebration we talk about the basics, when they usually are, where the quests start, some of the backstory behind the events, and what are the NPCs you tend to interact with. We also reminisce about our times with them. Plus, the current events that are going on: like the current Starlight Celebration, the latest Moogle Tomestone Hunt, and even the very quickly upcoming Heavensturn! And just how do we feel about Pa-Paya?

Spoiler Levels: Incredibly low! I mean, I guess you need to be at least level 15, and have unlocked all three initial city-states of the Eorzean Alliance. But chances are, if you are listening to this episode, you have at least gotten that far! Probably.

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