Delving back into Dragons but newly into Bunnies.

Delving back into Dragons but newly into Bunnies.

Wow. I’m really bad at this whole sticking to writing a lot resolution thing!

Video Games – Dragon Age Origins: Awakenings: So after beating Dragon Age 2, I decided to go back and finish up my archer-rouge dwarf Warden in Dragon Age Origins and finally go into Dragon Age Origins: Awakenings. And I’m having more fun with it than I expected! Perhaps it is because when Awakenings first hit a year ago the reception for it was pretty luke-warm, and so my expectations were lowered for when I actually started it up this past month. Although, I can see why people were down on it, as it’s very much an “expansion pack” that’s more an epilogue than an actual sequel. Awakenings is much more in line of their DLC quests they’ve made, only a bunch of them at are tied to together than a bunch of separate individual quests. That’s said, the quests are pretty fun in and of themselves, and do seem to tie up a few of the questions left by Origins. And in some ways does a better job than Dragon Age 2 at adventuring in small, localized area, as you can actually determine how well the area holds up to attack and decide the fates of criminals and other people in the arling.

Anime – Tiger & Bunny: So far this is the first anime that I’ve watched this season that has caught my interest and attention. Thankfully, it’s also pretty darn good so far! It’s Sunrise doing their thing of throwing a ton of money at something, and so it looks pretty,  but it seems to actually house of bunch of neat ideas inside as well. The basic concept is that there are superheros saving a city, but they are all corporate-sponsored and news of their exploits in solving crime is delivered in the form of a reality TV show that rates them on just how superhero-y they are. More over, the main character that it seems to be focused on is a middle age man who’s dealing with issues of obsolescence and a family he has to ignore for duty, while being upstaged by a younger superhero with the same powers as he has. That’s way more issues than many anime deal with in a season, and this is just the first episode! I’m looking forward to see how this show develops.

Manga – Sakura Hime: The Legend of Princess Sakura: At some point, probably in a lack of sleep-induced haze, I order the first volumes of manga written by Arina Tanemura, which were Mistress Fortune and Sakura Hime. In case you haven’t figured out by the names, these are both shoujo comics. Further more, they are shoujo comics about young teenager girls that meet the love of their lives, initially dislike them, but quickly come to fall in love with them over the course of the first volume. However of the two, Sakura Hime seems to have a much more interesting overall premise. Our heroine Sakura is a decent from the Moon Kingdom’s Princess Kaguya, and thus is the only one that can call forth a mystical sword that can actually kill the demons that infest their land on Earth. She’s also betrothed to the local prince of the land, whom of course she dislikes, then falls head over heels for.

Trick is (spoiler alert!) the reason why Sakura is the only one that can destroy these demons, whom are also descended from the Moon, is because she shares the same heritage as the demons and will one day become one herself. And so now this prince WHOM SHE HAS JUST FALLEN IN LOVE 4EVER has in fact wanted her dead from the beginning. Ok, now I want to read the second volume.

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