The Summer of Anime in 2011

The Summer of Anime in 2011

So a new season of anime is upon us, which means that the airwaves of Japan and the computer monitors of everywhere else are going to be flooded with of ton of moe-crap shows and couple of series that are actually watchable. Thankfully, you have somehow stumbled upon my blog post here so that I can make snap judgement about the entire season without having yet to watch a single thing, and then decided to write about what looks remotely interesting with incredible run on sentences that go on too long for my own good. First things first! Here’s a link to one of those handy dandy giganto-lists where someone goes on Moonphase and complies a a nice big list with pictures and everything so I don’t have to. That was sure nice of them! Let’s get to it.

Mawaru Penguindrum (Directed by Kunihiko Ikuhara, Animation by Brains Base) There are a few anime directors and can say they have made a new show that I will check out sight unseen. Kunihiko Ikuhara is one of those directors. He directed the first couple of seasons of Sailor Moon before moving on to create one of my most favorite anime series of all time, Revolutionary Girl Utena. Therefore, whatever this is, I will watch without reservation. That said, it is being animated by Brains Base who has shown to some pretty amazing work as of late, such as Baccano! and Jellyfish Princess, among others (I forgive you for Akikan this time). But what do we know about the series? Well, we know it will revolve around three siblings, and the message: “We share everything. My love, your sins.” So… Yeah! NO CLUE. AND THAT’S OK.

Mawaru Penguindrum: What is this? I have no goddamn clue!

Bunny Drop (Directed by Kanta Kamei, Animation by Production IG) A part of the noitaminA anime block for this season, it’s an adaption of the manga by Yumi Unita. It tells the story of one Daikichi who discovers that his recently grandfather fathered an illegitimate six-year-old daughter, and is the only one in his family man enough to take care of her. The story that follows as the two learn to live together is absolutely sweet, clever, and downright hilarious at times. And Production IG have proven with Kimi ni Todoke they know just how to handle stuff like this. So it should be pretty good!

No. 6 (Directored by Kenji Nagasaki, Animation by BONES) Another noitaminA series, this one by Bones, it’s adaption of a sci-fi novel by Atsuko Asano. It takes place in a utopia called “No. 6” (The title! Oh snap!) that of course has some DEEP DARK SECRET that our main hero (who is a GENIUS) must discover after sheltering a fugitive and is exiled because of it. Nope, never heard of this story before! Eh, it’s BONES which means I’ll usually give it a shot.

Sacred Seven (Directed by Yoshimitsu Ohashi, Animation by Sunrise) It’s a show with giant robots by Sunrise that looks a lot like Code Geass. They’ve dumped a lot of money into animating the damn thing, as that’s how Sunrise rolls. It’s tagline is something about how “memories change the world” or some-such. So it will be unexpectedly clever, intelligent, and super-awesome like Tiger & Bunny, or over the top and crazy like Code Geass. I know which way I’m hoping this will end up, but really I’m expecting the other.

Blade: This could be AMAZING! But it probably won't.

Double-J (Directed by Azuma Tani. Animation by DLE) There once was an amazing manga creator named Eiji Nonaka who created a most hilarious series known as Cromartie High School. It was an amazing portrayal of the manliest and stupidest Japanese high school delinquents being stupid and crazy. Now he has created a mega series called Double-J, which is about two cute girls who join a “Cultural Activity Preservation Club” formed of mostly other cute girls doing blue collar-esque work like hand-carving  toothpicks. It could be funny? Sadly, the actual animation looks to be super-cheap Flash stuff.

Blade (Directed by Mitsuyuki Masuhara, Animation by Madhouse) It’s another Marvel anime by Madhouse which probably means it will be incredibly mediocre. I will hope that I’m wrong, and then will be burned and feel incredibly sad about it.

Manyuu Hikenchou (Directed by Hiraku Kaneko, Animation by Hoods Entertainment) This show is all boobs, boob, boobs and so I’m really just posting it for Eric. (You’re welcome!)

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