Basil has panels! Seishun Con X

Basil has panels! Seishun Con X

Hello 2020! Last year, we had Hamacon 10, which was their last year. And that is very sad. I worked real hard on that con, and it was an experience I’ll always cherish. But another con is having their tenth con this year, and they are thankfully still going strong. Seishun Con! January 31st through February 2nd. I have been going to this con since Day One, and it’s has always been a blast, no hindsight required. Also, I have some panels, too! Who would have thought?

Sports Anime Through the Decades (1/31/2020 aka Friday, at 3:00PM in Panels 2)

MTAC’s theme this year is Score, aka SPORTS. So for them, I sent them a bevy of different sports panels. But this one is the smash cut. We’ll be chewing through the decades, spitting fire about all sorts of sports cartoons. Don’t worry, we’ll cover all the hits. Like Samurai Giants! Everyone loves that one.

Manga: One and Dones (For Book Buying on a Budget) (1/31/2020 aka Friday, at 6:00PM in Panels 1)

Normally, I do a general manga recommendation panel called Manga You Should Buy Right Now! But with AWA I talked about a bunch of single volume manga! Many in print! Some… Not so in print. But all good! It was also in the smallest panel room AWA had. But at Seishun Con, we’re in Panels 1! I don’t know about you, but that’s sounds like an all nice and important of a room to me. Or maybe it’s their broom closest.

OSMcast LIVE! with Akihabara Renditions (1/31/2020 aka Friday, at 9:00PM in Panels 2)

Geez, Friday is packed with panels! So in this one, we are trying our hands at yet another OSMcast LIVE! We’re teaming up with our buds over at Akihabara Renditions. What will we be talking about? Well, it’s going to be old, and it’s going to be good. And just like the last time we did a live show, it’s a make-good. (It’s Crusher Joe)

Final Fantasy XIV: A Panel Reborn (2/1/2020 aka Saturday, at 11:00AM in Panels 1)

Aw yeah, back in Panels 1! Hopefully, it turned out that it is not a broom closet. But either way, we will be carving out our own little Eorzea in here for an hour. We are going to be talking about all things Final Fantasy XIV, Square-Enix’s hit MMO. Things like the latest expansion Shadowbringers, along with the most current patch. And the latest events, and take guesses as to what the new patch may bring!

Iron Panelist (2/1/2020 aka Saturday, at 5:00PM in Panels 1)

So, a few years ago, Seishun Con had an Iron Panelist competition. They gave the folks vying for the champion’s mantle a random topic and 5 minutes to research. Then they had to do a few minutes of TED Talk about the subject. Long story short: I won. So, am I hosting? Am I competing? Am I defending a title? Will I be in the audience? I have no clue!

How to Find Anime and Manga Online (Legally!) (2/2/2020 aka Sunday, at 12:00PM in Panels 1)

Wrapping up the con for me on Sunday is my trusty standby. Finding those good Japanese cartoons and comics online. Legally! It’s a good time. No super ultra mega shake ups lately. Which means there is now a good chance that by the con, something crazy will have happened.

But until then, I’ll catch everyone at Seishun Con!

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