Well this has been a weekend!

Well this has been a weekend!

I kept meaning to talk about the MTAC trip I took on here, but after this past weekend I guess it’s past it’s due date. (Of course, if really want to know, there are podcasts available!)

Instead, you get to hear about the high points of THIS weekend AKA MikeEstherCon 2009. You see, two of my friends got married this weekend (Their names are appropriately Mike and Esther). In a bid to out-geek us all they decided to have a Renn Faire wedding* at the Georgia Renaissance Festival. It was awesome, and pretty (Esther’s dress was tremendous. Hell, so was Mike’s shirt!), and totally fun. Instead of stuffy tuxes we got awesome outfits that Esther and her mom made. This alone was amazing, but the extra bonus was that this of course was at a RENN FAIRE. So the reception was made up things like giant turkey legs. And after the wedding we got run around in the Festival, which was really fun. It also included all the hallmarks of a convention: Screaming teenagers, people in anime shirts, cosplay, Bleach merchandise on sale, Naruto headbands, the works. I also got “hair armor” (It’s from this site, but they show it no where on said site…weird. Edit: Oh, here’s some random forum post about theirs.). 

Now this sounds like an event in and off itself, and it was! But really, it just wasn’t enough. I hadn’t truly geeked out enough. So on Sunday, I called up my buddy Drew from Akihabara Renditions and went out for lunch, along with his fellow cohort Richard. We met at the Cobb Galleria since it’s where AWA is we all knew how to get there. We were going to hit Chow Baby (Stir-fry where you get to pick the ingredients) but they weren’t open for lunch on Sundays. Bummer. But then, I had a thought. No… a Revelation. So we headed to Abdullah the Butcher‘s House of Ribs and Chinese Food. Folks, if you are ever in Atlanta (and I know some of you live there), check this place out. They had some of the best BBQ chicken I’ve ever had. Abdullah was there and welcomed us as we walked in, and made a point to talk to me every time I was in his general vicinity. As we were about to leave, he asked us “Do you have a camera? Then come over here and take a picture.” And let me tell you. When Abdullah the Butcher tells you to take a picture with him, you do not say no. So I did (Oh hey, you can sorta see the hair armor in mirror there…).

And then we went and podcasted for their podcast. That;s when I felt I had fully met my geek quotient, and came back home.

And then posted this.


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