Twitter and MTAC

Twitter and MTAC

I know several of you on this here LJ Friends list thing have hopped onto the Twitter long before I did. What are y’alls names on it? You can follow me @thebasilfeed. I’ve found that the limit of 140 characters actually makes it easier to post. 

Also, after choir I’m heading out will some fellow OSMites to MTAC! I’m hoping it shall be a blast. I’m actually on two panels too! I’ll be a part of the Podcast Roundtable Panel which is being held Friday night at 7:00 PM in the Fan Panel room. Then on Sunday at 1 in Panel Room 2 I’ll be the “token male” in the Shojo Mojo Panel: Feminism in Anime.

The second one could possibly get me in trouble… But I think I can handle it. We might also snag a possible interview or two, and I think we’ll be at least getting one cross-cast with Akihabara Renditions. Should be fun!

PS: This week’s OSMcast was on the awesome DS game Retro Game Challenge. Please check it out if you are so inclined. 

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