So I’m going to Ohayocon…

So I’m going to Ohayocon…

Another year, another slew of cons! This year I’m starting early with Ohayocon! Since Nekocon in 2008 Emily DeJesus has bugging me to bring myself and fellow OSMites to Ohayocon at each convention I’ve been to since, culminating into the podcast interview with herself and her husband the amazing artist Robert DeJesus where she told us and the world, “Just fucking go!” at MTAC last year.

Look out Ohio!

So I’m going! As is Kevin, and Brad, at least so far. Of course, it wasn’t good enough to just go, oh no. The sly fox that she is, has hoodwinked us into running some panels as well!

On Saturday at 1PM in Panels 3 (Union D-3) we’ll be hosting the Podcast Jamboree! It will be a panel about podcasting. This is something we’ve done several times before, should be aces.

However on Friday at 4Pm in Panels 6 (Grant/Harding) we’ll be running the panel Tsundere: Why We Love the Ones That Hate Us Most. This will be a look at the popular character archetype, where did it come from, and why it works. This one will most likely have pictures and PowerPoint and snazzy stuff like that. In other  words, we have to work at actually making this panel happen, with research and stuff! This is very scary! This will be the first ever “real” panel I have done, so it should be very interesting. If nothing else, it should be fun to watch us crash and burn. And it will give us a real chance to see how the whole thing works which is really good since I’ll be pitching this panel (and more!) to both MTAC and AWA.

Which reminds me, I should email Dave at some point soon.

In other news, my only resolution this year is a simple one. “Write more.” So hopefully this blog will be updated waaaaay more than it is currently. We shall see.

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See you there. Might want to hurry with your MTAC panel suggestions though. I hear we’re getting a bunch.

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